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If you need to raise finance for business talk to us.

  • Funding arranged with private funders, venture capitalists, merchant banks, building societies and banks
  • All requirements negotiated and arranged by professional accountants

About us

We specialise in providing a range of financial services to businesses and developers. We offer a professional intermediary service arranging business finance for our clients across Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, and most of Central England and the Home Counties.

We have a proven track record of delivery using a range of financial lenders including building societies, merchant banks, venture capitalists and private funders.

We work with businesses to provide a hands-on management of the whole financial process, taking each transaction to it’s conclusion and liaising with all of the other professionals involved including valuers, building surveyors, solicitors, accountants and the lending principals.

Our mission is to source the funds that businesses and developers need in spite of the harsher lending conditions created by the banking system in recent times.

We work across the whole of the UK but the majority of our work comes from central, southern England.